Meet The Team

Access Space employs six part-time members of staff who make up our core team. On any day it's likely that two, three or more of us will be in the space. If you'd like to get in touch with one of them individually, please use our email contact form or phone Access Space.

Jake Harries: The Creative Producer


Jake is The Creative Producer at Access Space. He has been involved with making music in Sheffield since the 1980s and is now an artist, musician/producer and composer with a strong interest in media art, new technology and education. He is also the Creative Director of

He was a partner in FON (Sheffield's first large commercial recording studio) and a member of industrial/electronic band Chakk in the 1980s. He has been one of the “freestyle techno” trio Heights of Abraham since 1991.

James Wallbank: CEO

James James Wallbank is an artist, educator and free software advocate. He founded the arts group Redundant Technology Initiative and has exhibited in numerous international venues, including ZKM and Tate Britain. He's interested in the conjunction of the creative arts, digital technology and do-it-yourself culture, and authored influential documents such as “Lowtech Manifesto” and “Zero Dollar Laptop Manifesto”.

He is a seasoned public speaker, and has presented at Council of Europe events in Strasbourg and Brussels, to São Paulo City Council, at a conference at the French Senate, and at numerous media arts festivals,research conferences, and academic institutions. He is a self-taught LPIC1 Engineer and delivers Linux training for enterprises and communities.

Jonathan Cook: Administrator & Development Manager

Jonathan has a background of working with community organisations promoting local empowerment and self help. Recently he completed an MA in Activism & Social Change at the University of Leeds. He has strong financial expertise, has worked to establish two local credit unions, and is accredited to Level 2 by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Jonathan writes for local publications and is enthusiastic about the potential for digital technologies to give people a voice. He organises the Alt-Sheff website which features articles, videos and news around Sheffield's alternative cultures.

John Moseley: Refab Space Technician

John has been the driving force behind the commissioning of Refab Space, undertaking a huge amount of construction work as a volunteer. John's expertise is as a technician, and he's the genius behind “Artbot” - an autonomous, free-roaming robot artist controlled by Arduinos. John now organises access to the equipment, including the laser cutter, CNC machine, RepRap 3D printers, electronics tools and more.

Meet the Volunteers

Access Space has an ever-expanding team of volunteers, who help out with hardware, software, recycling and the general running of the space. Some of our volunteers are listed here.

Fuad Jama

Fuad helps us assess, analyse and repair computers, and has recently started installing and configuring Linux. He often comes in early (before we open) and works to maximise the number of PCs we can revive.

Theo Parmakis

Theo has a high level interest in the GNU/Linux system and other free software. He has developed several maintenance systems and tools for Access Space.

Phil Metcalfe

Phil is an expert with Inkscape, the open source vector graphics editor. At Access Space he helps by facilitating “Chess Saturdays” helping beginners of all ages to take their first steps with chess. Phil's also been a huge help recently preparing Refab Space.

Richard Eason

Richard helps to coordinate volunteering at Access Space, and takes a lead in organising one-to-one technical support sessions, including computer repair and rebuilding.

Becoming a Volunteer at Access Space

If you'd like to become involved with any of the many cool things we do at Access Space, please follow the link below:

Get Involved > Volunteering


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