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Xname - Noise_Objects in Public Space - event

Friday April 8th , 5.30-8.30pm – Free – all welcome

Xname completes her residency at Access Space with an artist talk, a performance of the Noise_Objects, a screening of a video documenting the residency and a Noise_Objects jam with other artists who came to her workshops.

More about Noise_Objects at http://tinyurl.com/49bwcow

Xname's website: http://xname.cc/

Xname - Noise_Objects in Public Space (video)

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Xname - Phantasmata performance (video)

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Xname - Phantasmata performance (audio) http://soundcloud.com/accessspace/xname-phantasmata-access-space

Xname, Jen Rich, John Moseley - Noise Jam (audio) http://soundcloud.com/accessspace/xname-jen-rich-john-moseley

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Photographic documentation by Valentina Schivardi http://www.valentinaschivardi.com

Noise_Objects Workshops - free - all welcome

Thu 31 March 12 noon-3pm, Fri 1st April 2pm-4.30pm, Sat 2nd April 12noon-5pm

Collect your old toys and any other interesting scrap material which stimulates your imagination and join us at Access Space next week..

…We will build a series of sculptures made of recycled material, simple electronic components and basic micro circuits. These objects, powered by solar panels, will be animated by the diy electronic devices we will embed in their bodies.

You will learn about electronics, art, green energy and the creative use of public space.

Noise_Objects - placing in public space

Sun 3rd April 2pm-5pm, Meet at Access Space 1.45pm -all welcome

On Sunday 3rd April join us as the Noise_Objects are inserted as landmarks in the urban space of Sheffield during a collective walk through the city trying to discover - and reinvent - Sheffield's identity.

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:Noise_Objects In Public Space : Xname
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:Noise_Objects In Public Space : Xname
Activities until 8th April (see below for days and times)
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Access Space
Xname, Access Space Artist in Residence, will be facilitating a series of workshops and activities including interventions in the city and a performance event.

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