Open Splice: an afternoon of open source documentaries

Friday 10th June 2011 4pm-5pm Free

A celebration of documentaries made using Open source Software; about open source subjects; or created with an open source ethos.


Rafaella Traniello

Rafaella is an award-winning filmmaker from Padua, Italy, who makes films only using Free Open Source Software. She is an expert in the open source editing suite Cinelerra and is the co-founder of the Corti a Ponte Short Film Festival. We will be showing a selection of shorts including a documentary from her inspirational educational project, Experiments in Cinema, which showcases film and animation created by young people using Cinelerra.

Stray Cinema - Open Source Collaborative films

Stray Cinema is a pioneering, internationally renowned open source film project. It is amongst the worlds first open source film projects, and it is also the first project of this nature to incorporate a real-world screening event. With each event, raw footage is filmed in a different place, then anyone around the world can freely download this footage and create their own edit of the film.  These new creations are then uploaded to the website and users vote for their favourites. A rapidly growing community of people around the globe have made submissions to Stray Cinema. We will be showing “A Remixed Story of Stray Cinema” a short doc about the Stray Cinema event in Barcelona.

Man With a Movie Camera

The Global Remake is a participatory video shot by people around the world who are invited to record images interpreting the original script of Vertov’s Man With A Movie Camera, upload them to where software developed specifically for this project archives, sequences and streams the submissions as a film. As people can upload the same shot more than once infinite versions of the film are possible. We will be showing an extract from the most recent footage.


A new collaboration between film maker and artist Monika Dutta and composer and sound artist Jake Harries has so far produced the two short films Silver and Magnesium The works have been made in response to the particular environment of the Derbyshire Peaks and represent the artists' desire to convey experiences of being in the landscape as opposed to more direct and illustrative responses that may be more about landscape.

Captured on Kino. Edited and processed on Cinelerra.

We will be also be showcasing a selection of short docs made at Access Space by Sheffield filmmakers Laurence Alexander and Richard Bolam.

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Open Splice: an afternoon of open source documentaries
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A celebration of docs made using Open source Software; about open source subjects; or created with an open source ethos.

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