Access Space: ICT Recycling

RECYCLING:Please note that our computer recycling operation has changed. Due to the diminishing demand for desktop computers we now only recycle laptops which we use in our charitable activities. Please ring us on 0114 249 5522 or email should you wish to donate laptops as we are not open every day. Thanks : ) If you need to recycle old desktop computers, keyboard, mice, screens etc, please contact Aspire Community Enterprise on 0114 285 3788

At Access Space we can help you repair your computer -see our Open Days at Days, for more details, or ring 0114 249 5522, email
If you are sure you'd like to get rid of your old laptop, we can make good use of it in our charitable activities with people in deprived areas of Sheffield. Donations are always welcome!

Reusing Your Old Laptop

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If the laptop belongs to you, and it works, or could work with a few repairs, we'll be delighted to help. If you bring your old laptop to us, we'll do our best to reuse it with new, free software. We will wipe the hard-drive as part of our testing procedure so no data will remain. Email


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