Access Space: Volunteering

All sorts of stuff at Access Space are run by volunteers - for example, skill-sharing sessions, computer refurbishment, network maintenance, website one-to-ones and activities around exhibitions.

That said, we can't provide every potential volunteer with opportunities. (We have no mountain rescue opportunities here!) This page should give you a very broad outline of some things that we do - and that you, as a potential volunteer, might like to get involved with.

What Are You Interested In?

  • Arts Events (There are lots of volunteering opportunities available helping to deliver our exhibitions and arts activities, but bear in mind that they involve irregular bursts of intensive activity, not regular, continuous work.)
  • Computer Repairs
  • Design (Web design, design for printed flyers, illustration. This almost always involves computers.)
  • Finance (Initially we won't be able to give you detailed training in this, but if you have a finance background you may be a very valuable volunteer.)
  • Fundraising (We don't mean rattling tins of change, we mean helping make applications to charitable trusts, foundations etc.)
  • Office Administration (Almost all our admin involves some computer work with spreadsheets and office software.)
  • One-to-one support (If you don't feel confident to deliver a workshop, how about helping people one-to-one?)
  • Managing activities (If you'd like to organise an event at Access Space.)
  • Marketing (Particularly arts marketing and audience development. Writing copy for web pages and posters is also very helpful.)
  • Recycling
  • Research (We constantly research open source software systems, new ways of doing things, digital artists and creative ideas, and much more.)
  • Social or Community work (There is lots of work to be done giving people help and advice - sometimes about lots more than how to work a computer.)
  • Software Development (Needless to say, we're interested in Open-Source Software)
  • Tutoring (Both leading small group workshops and one-to-one tuition. Documenting workshops online is also very useful.)
  • Working with Young People (Would you be able to organise or support a workshop or activity session? Do you have a current CRB check?)

What's In It For You?

We like the idea that you're going to volunteer to work at Access Space because you're a very positive, helpful person. :-) We like it even more if we know that you're getting something out of the process in terms of skills, career development or something else.

  • Are there skills that you would like to learn?
  • Would you like to get some training?
  • Would you like to get qualifications?
  • How will volunteering fit in with your career or life plans?
  • Are there other benefits you'd like to get?

Can You Spare The Time?

We'd much prefer it if you can spare a small amount of time which is planned, rather than a large amount of time that's unplanned. That way, we can fit your volunteering into our programme of activities.

  • Does half a day per week sound too much time, too little time, or about right? We're able to cope if you can spare less time than this - but, if you'd like to volunteer on a an ongoing basis, less than a couple of hours a week may take more time to organise than it is helpful, and more than a day or so per week may be hard for us to support. Come and talk with us!

What Skills Do You Already Have?

Have a think about what resources you already have that'll help us work out what role that you can play. Do you have computer skills? Do you have people skills? Do you have some particular area of expertise that may be helpful?

Next Steps

  • Now you've thought about these issues, it's time to come down and join in for a bit to be sure you like it.
  • Then establish what you'll do at Access Space.
  • A member of staff will help you fill out a Volunteer Post Template and do your induction.

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