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Grow Your Own Media Lab

Grow Your Own Media Lab We've sold out of the first print run, so here's the full text of Access Space's seminal publication “Grow Your Own Media Lab”. We're now intending to publish “Print on Demand” so you can have a nice, physical object to tote around - but while you wait for that, here's the data.

This version (1.1) has an updated introduction. We're currently working on version 2.0, but we're not promising WHEN it'll be available.

The more sharp-eyed amongst you will spot the Creative Commons Sharealike License, which means that you, as well as us, are free to republish. If you'd like to do this, or you'd like us to write something else to include in your own publication or collection, please, get in touch.

COMMONSense apazine

Commonsense COMMONSense is a 62 page magazine, launched in 2010, created from submissions to a call for pieces which reflect a theme connecting the activities of Access Space to the wider world, “the commons”. We asked for prose (stories, thoughts, book reviews, bibliographies…), poetry, photographs, cartoons, drawings or graphics. It was edited by Dougald Hine, with art direction by Anne-Marie Culhane.

People sent us material relating to green issues, land ownership, social relations, the internet, copyright, software and a whole host of other subjects.

Download a pdf of COMMONSense here

Please feel free to distribute copies by electronic means.

Hard copies are available from Access Space for GBP 4.00 + GBP 1.50 P&P

Email Tel: +44 (0)114 249 5522


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