Tech Team

The technology interests of Access Space are varied and cover :-

  • Free & Open Source Software advise and advocacy
  • GNU + Linux operating systems expertise
  • Web Site advise and help
  • Web Technologies (HTML, XML, PHP, Javascript)
  • Computer Reuse training
  • Developing Open Source hardware audit system tech_specs
  • Developing learning resources and advise @
  • Developing Rebfab Space

Tech News

New Access Space Website Goes Live

We flicked the switch on our new website on 6th November. While it's not totally complete and we have a number of improvements in mind, we felt we've made enough progress for the world to see. If you …
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Recycle Day Success

Thursday 13th of May 2010 was a great day for the space, we are now feeling organised in preparation for fablab activity, and have plenty of bits recovered for upcoming physical computing and electron…
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